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Welcome to the Phoenix Valley Retreat, where you can leave all your troubles behind and come to a beautiful New Zealand wilderness.  Enjoy a roaring fire under the stars and listen to the Morporks echoing amongst the cliffs

Discovering Phoenix Valley was a dream come true for Greg and Becs, who had been searching for the perfect place to build a retreat for several years. When they finally came across this amazing valley structure, with absolute privacy and spectacular scenery, they knew they'd found a place where you can leave all your troubles at the gate and be at one with nature. 


Both Greg and Becs have a passion for helping others and eventually would love to see the valley with 4-6 more tents so they can hold retreats where people can really get away and re-energise. The Valley is all off the grid, and water is harnessed from the springs that come from the cliffs - crystal clear and delicious to drink.

Becs is a passionate veterinarian who runs her own online veterinary pharmacy - and is also an independent consultant for skincare brand Arbonne, a vegan skincare and nutrition brand. Greg is a Health and Safety manager for a local company in Tauranga. They have three adorable dogs, Cooper, Luca and Stevie, and two horses.

The valley is their life and passion and they love nothing more than spending a beautiful evening under the stars and cooking on the fire.

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